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Up and at 'em, time to wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and off you go.

People arguing at the stop while waiting for the bus. You try to get through,
they get mad but you ignore them, you got to get to 
work is over. You're getting ready to go home, slightly confused as you look for how the day went by so fast, remembering slightly that you made cards that day on the computer and brush it away as getting lost in the moment of creativity and your poor memory.

Walking home till you get to the door and get on the computer around 6 pm, having fun with a friend, till somebody comes in, and yells at you for something you didn't do.
 Its getting late you're sorry you didn't mean it, its late and you're sorry
you didn't mean it. 
Its late, almost nine and you really need to get offline because 
its time for lunch. 
You choke on a hamburger, tomato and letus in it, you hate tomatoes in your hamburgers. Friend asks if you had fun on the outing wednesday. You must mean Tuesday, today is wednesday, but then you don't remember going out on tuesday so your freind is just messing with you. 
No, your memory taking advantage of you.
You give yourself a simple answer, smile and nod. 

I had fun.

[Edit: something really old from my stash that I forgot to post back around January 2012. Just now found it while uploading something to it. I usually don't post this stuff cus it feels full of angst. ]

Just something I thought of doing to show how it feels to switch sometimes, when not co-conscious. Inspired by a short black out today. This is actually how it used to be almost all the time, and how it still sometimes is. I hope it's not too subtle.

sethlolz Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Huh, I find this quite interesting. Even though I'm positive I'm co-conscious now, for a very long time things like this would happen even after the host and I met each other. We still have hiccups in our memories, and though it doesn't bother the host it bothers me quite a bit, especially when someone gets mad at me for forgetting something right after they said it. I'm trying to work on that, but as of right now stupid things still happen sometimes.

I really enjoyed this post, and I think if you find more like it you should post them. :) I, for one, would most likely find them interesting.
reddev1n Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehe I'm glad you find it interesting, makes me feel a little better about the post. -blushes-
I'll make sure to post any others I find, if they're finished lol
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